• Our vinyl stickers on Alide Hire's machinery
    Durable | Waterproof | Solvent Resistant | Non Fade

Stickers and Labels for Manufacturers

We are a premier supplier of stickers, labels and plastic tags to Manufacturers. With over 70 years experience, we have the right product at the right price for your needs.

Logo Stickers

Logo Stickers

One of the cheapest forms of advertising is having your logo stickers printed. We can print any design to any shape on high grade exterior quality vinyl. The inks are all UV stable making sure they won’t fade and will stay vibrant for years to come.

Machine Label Sets

Machine Label Sets

If you have a product that requires different stickers in different areas then these label sets will be perfect. One sheet of labels specific to a machine or product will make life a lot easier! All machine label sets will be kiss cut on easy peel vinyl sheets.

Health and Safety Stickers

Health and Safety Stickers

Keeping up with health and safety regulations is a must, so if your product needs different warnings and information displayed we can produce the long lasting stickers required. We have printed many over the years so it is most likely we have the generic designs on file, if not we will be happy to try and create them for you.

Machine Overlay Stickers

Machine Overlay Stickers

To go over any control panel, button or knob printed to your specification. Reverse printed on a clear polycarbonate (Lexan) to ensure the print never wears off. If required double sided adhesive can be applied and die cut to shape.

British Made Stickers

British Made

If you manufacture in the UK why not let your customers know with these stickers. Be proud to be British!

Instruction and Information Stickers

Instruction and Information Stickers

To ensure your product is being used in the correct way having instruction/information stickers reminding users is key. Any information you need on the sticker we can produce so just let us know and we will do the rest.

Examination Stickers

Service, Inspection and Examination Stickers

Writeable vinyl stickers allowing you to record next service due dates, examination dates etc.. Matt white vinyl is the ideal choice as they can be written on with a ball point pen, with the printed ink and vinyl remaining fully waterproof and weatherproof.

Multi Language Labels

Multi Language Stickers and Labels

English isn’t set in stone here, so if you need a different language pop us over the text and we will put it in the design.

Heat Resistant Stickers

Heat Resistant Stickers

We have a range of materials available that provide resistance up to +150°C. Heat proof stickers are ideal for sticking to exhausts, engines, boilers, cookers, anywhere that gets hot. So for those situations where resistance to high temperatures is required, give us a call to discuss the best material.

Sequential Numbered Stickers

Sequential Numbering

If as a manufacturer you need to keep track of your equipment then we can give each sticker a sequential number. This will speed up the identification process of your products or machines and in most cases it doesn’t cost any extra.

Shelving Stickers

Shelving Stickers

Some of our customers have requested these bespoke shelving stickers, using letters and numbers (or whatever code style you require) to quickly identify the parts and components needed to manufacture their products.

Screen Printed Serial Number Panels

Rating Plates

We are able to source and print onto aluminium plates with or without holes to be fixed or riveted on. We use special inks which bond with the metal meaning these will last without fading, just like our stickers.


Plastic Tags

Quality, durable and long lasting plastic tags. All our tags are printed to your design either on one or both sides and come with or without holes and eyelets. Printed on a polypropylene for extra durability outside in low temperatures.

Metal Panel

Metal Panels

As traditional screen printers we are able to print on your metal boxes and panels, be they coated or uncoated. We use special catalytic inks to ensure adhesion and longevity. All panels are stove dried and we offer a fast turn around with delivery anywhere in the UK.

Features and Benefits

Waterproof. Weatherproof. Solvent Resistance. Pressure Washer Resistance. Range of adhesive strengths offered. Fast next day courier service. Free artwork service. Long Lasting 5+ years outdoors. Non Fade. Fully guaranteed.