About Us

Here's why over 1,000 companies choose Atlantic Coast Studios as their Sticker and Label supplier.

Exceptional service

As a family run UK business we put customer service right at the top. We deliver when we say and always keep you informed. We also understand the sticker and label industry and will keep you informed on new products and innovations. When you call us there is no "press option 1" for sales etc. You will get straight through to a real person who will deal with your query from beginning to end.

Fast Reliable Delivery

We understand that being let down by your sticker supplier is not only annoying but also costly. Waiting for stickers can also mean that you are losing out on revenue. Our typical delivery times are within one week of your order. However for our regular customers we also maintain an "emergency stock" level for those occasions when you run out!

Colour Perfect

Do the colours of your stickers vary from batch to batch? Do you get the impression that your printer says "that will do"? At Atlantic Coast Studios we keep a sample of every sticker ordered. As such when you re-order, you can be certain that your new batch are the same colour as the last batch. Thereby maintaining consistency in your company's image.

Personalised Product List

As a customer of Atlantic Coast Studios we will supply (free of charge) a Personalised Product List. The list, has every sticker you have ordered, its specification and a unique reference code. All you then have to do is call us with the reference code numbers required and we do the rest. Simple, fast and a real time saver.

Stickers made to your design and shape

Every company is unique and has a unique selling point. As such your stickers should be printed the way you need them. The way you want to advertise and be recognised. All our stickers are "made to measure". We do not use standard templates.

Colours that are Deep, Rich and Vibrant

Do you feel that your stickers could be more vibrant? Are your stickers making your Company stand out from the crowd? Give us a call and ask for some samples to see just how strong our colours are and for advice on colours and colour schemes that really work.

Waterproof and Weatherproof stickers

When your equipment is outside, are you confident that your stickers will not come off, no matter what the weather. Atlantic Coast Stickers are fully waterproof and weatherproof and will last for years outdoors. We only use ink and vinyl designed for long term outdoor use. If you are having problems with your existing stickers failing outdoors. Or if you are using laminated labels and they are delaminating, then call us today.

Non Fade Stickers

Do you find that some of your stickers have faded in the sunlight and are not portraying your company in the best light? We use Light Stable inks specifically designed for outside use in direct sunlight. They will not fade and will continue to promote your company for many years to come.


Are you wasting time, effort and money regularly replacing your current stickers as they have deteriorated too quickly? By only using the best inks and vinyls our stickers will last for years outside.


Are there times when you find it difficult to get your stickers to adhere properly? We offer a range of adhesives for all surfaces and situations. We also know the tips and tricks. For example how to prepare the surface, how to ensure a "bubble free" sticker.

Servicing industry for over 70 years

We supply over 1,000 companies across the UK and Ireland. We understand the requirements and problems of industry in the area of stickers and labels. For example - Do you find that cleaning your stickers with petrol takes the ink off ... or ... Having trouble getting stickers to stick to polyethylene or polypropylene (outside loos etc). Then call us as we have the solution.

Value for Money

Are your stickers costing too much? Do you buy your paper print and stickers from the same printers? We can help. Labels and Stickers for industry is our speciality - some companies will offer you cheaper stickers, but if their stickers don't last, and most importantly, don't promote your company well, in the end they will end up costing you more.