Just some of the feedback we have received...

      June 2021

    1. Yes very happy with both your service and your printing. The only ‘problem’ we have is that with a small club the stock of cling-film stickers should last us several years! - Peter, Car Window Stickers
    2. Thanks for your email. I am very satisfied with the stickers, I will definitely be using your services again in the future, very prompt and efficient. - Robert, Toilet door Stickers (Polar Grip)

    3. May 2021

    4. Thanks for checking in- yeah the tags are service were great will be back when we need more. - Ethan, Plastic Tags
    5. Many thanks for all your help with the car stickers, they were great! - Shabawn, Car Window Stickers

    6. April 2021

    7. The stickers have arrived safely and they are of excvellent quality and I am very happy with my experience of working with your company. - John, Matt Vinyl Stickers
    8. I have had no complaints form the customer, they seem happy. We were happy with them so all in all great mate very happy 😊. Hopefully can put more business your way in the future. - Robert, Plastic Loop Tags

    9. March 2021

    10. Everything was just perfect from start to finish. Dave was attentive, advised on the products and sizing, offered advice which was gratefully received. Delivery was fast from sign off, the permits look fab, feel good but we haven’t got them distributed to the drivers yet but as everything else has been good I am fully confident we will have no issues. - Kate, Car Window Permits
    11. Thanks for your email. We are very happy with the service and stickers provided to us by you.. they look great. I will definitely use you again in the future as and when we bring more forklift trucks into the country. - Rory, Cut Vinyl Stickers

    12. February 2021

    13. To be honest we always used *Large Tag Company* and their recent quote made our eyes pop, I googled companies that do these labels and your name was one of the first that came up, you responded first and the rest was history! We are very pleased with the labels and will be re-ordering from you once we have used them all up. - Mark, Double Sided Tags
    14. Stickers are great and bearing up well, we use them on motorcycle helmets and on motorcycles. As ever your service has been exemplary. We will definitely use you again. - Howie, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    15. January 2022

    16. Amazing work on them labels dave really well done. The team will send few pictures from the exhaust to you guys once finished. - Paul, Aluminium Exhaust Stickers
    17. Labels have arrived and look really good thank you for all your help. No doubt ill be back in touch so save that design 😊 - Andy, Scratch Resistant Stickers

    18. December 2021

    19. All good here thank you it was a good service you provided, if there is any samples of other things you do please send them for consideration take care and thank you. - Melvyn, Car Window Stickers
    20. They are ideal. Thank you - Andy, Car Window Stickers

    21. November 2021

    22. Thank you for your order, they went down a treat and I will use again. - David, Car Window Stickers
    23. Yes, they were perfect - thanks Andy! - Jack, Car Window Stickers

    24. October 2021

    25. Yes we were very happy with everything you provided. Stickers were exactly what we wanted and really helped with our exhibition. When we’re after some more we’ll be returning. - George, Clear Vinyl Stickers
    26. Very happy with them and so was the client! I have to say the service from Dave is amazing. He is so quick at replying! When we have more orders we will be sure to use you again. - Jack, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    27. September 2021

    28. We are happy with the order and will aim to use you for this an other options again. - Andy, Car Window Stickers 
    29. Thanks for the email follow up. Stickers were spot on thank you, and we will be in touch again soon for some more. Great service. Thank you again. - Jon, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    30. August 2021

    31. Received the stickers this morning, they are perfect! - David, Car Window Stickers 
    32. Stickers were exactly what we were expecting, very good quality. - Padraic, Hi-tack Vinyl Stickers

    33. July 2021

    34. Thank you for your email, yes very pleased with the product and quick turn around. - David, Car Window Stickers 
    35. Yes, very happy with how they have turned out. The kids have loved them as well. I will definitely be re ordering when I need to re stock. - Sean, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    36. June 2021

    37. Thank you for your email and yes, we are delighted with the stickers. We will definitely use you again. - Charlie, Car Window Stickers 
    38. Thank you for your email. I can honestly say that the service I had from your company, was absolutely incredible. My colleagues who use the stickers, think that they are perfect and were better than their expectations. We will be using you again for purchases in the future and I’ll happily recommend your services to our clients and friends. - Danii, Hi-tack Vinyl Stickers

    39. May 2021

    40. Hi Andy, very pleased with them and I imagine will be ordering more this summer! - Fraser, Self-cling Window Stickers 
    41. Very happy with what we received. Many thanks - Antony, Gloss Vinyl Stickers