Just some of the feedback we have received...

      July 2020

    1. Yes, they were perfect thank you for all your help! :) - Shaye, Wrap Around Scaffold Stickers 
    2. Thanks for the follow up. Yes, they are all fine and thanks for being helpful. - Mehmet, PVC Plaques

    3. June 2020

    4. Many thanks for the labels which I received today, they are great, we are well pleased with them. - Alison, Gloss Vinyl Stickers 
    5. We are really impressed with them and the great service you provided! - Georgia, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    6. May 2020

    7. Sorry for the late reply. Our customer was very happy with the stickers. - Jamie, Clear Vinyl Stickers 
    8. Yes, we are happy with how they both worked out. Thanks very much. - Ronan, Hard Hat Vinyl Stickers

    9. April 2020

    10. That’s so kind of you to message. Yes we were very happy with them thank you. I hope that you are all keeping well and that work is soon back to normal. - Lyanne, Logo Vinyl Stickers 
    11. Yes we are very happy with your stickers. I fitted them yesterday. - Keith, Gloss Vinyl Stickers

    12. March 2020

    13. I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service.The stickers look great. - Danny, Hi-tack Rubber Vinyl Stickers 
    14. I thought they looked great!... We were very happy with the professionalism and timely delivery of the stickers. - George, Gloss Vinyl Stickers

    15. February 2020

    16. The stickers are absolutely great, exactly what I hoped for. Thanks for your excellent service. - Stephanie, Gloss Vinyl Stickers 
    17. They look absolutely fantastic on our A-Boards! Great quality and great price, really can’t complain. We’ll be sure to use you guys again if we need anything else producing. - Alex, Cut Vinyl Stickers

    18. January 2020

    19. Thanks for the labels – exactly as required. All of them have been applied and the job looks good. - Crispin, Vinyl Stickers 
    20. Hi Andy, They're great, thank you for your prompt service. - Mark, Gloss Vinyl Stickers

    21. December 2019

    22. Just writing to let you know that I have received the stickers and I am very pleased with the end result, Thank You. Wish you all at Atlantic Coast Studios a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. - Rui, Car Window Stickers 
    23. Yes they are great thanks, just what we wanted.  Will be in touch when we require some more. - Richard, Scratch Resistant Stickers

    24. November 2019

    25. I'm so sorry, I've been meaning to let you know that everyone has been really happy with the window stickers. They fit the job perfectly...!  It was a very easy process doing business with you, so in the event that we'll need anything else, we'll be in touch. Thanks Andy, and best wishes. - Roger, Car Window Stickers 
    26. Yes they were brilliant – thank you. We are as we speak sending one out to each of our members with a Christmas letter (about 450). Thank you so much for your help. - Carol, Self-Cling Window Stickers

    27. October 2019

    28. Yes 100% perfect 👌 I will be ordering more in the near future. - Eve, Safety Tags 
    29. We are very happy with the tags provided and the service was great, Thank you. - Marie, Double Sided Tags

    30. September 2019

    31. Yes very happy thank you, we haven’t had a chance to test the stickers fully yet but the service was impeccable :) - Nicky, Bumper Stickers 
    32. The stickers came up great and met what we were expecting. They have been used for their primary use and it is now with other team members to use them as they wish to. - Harry, Heat Resistant Stickers

    33. August 2019

    34. I was more than happy with the service provided by Atlantic Coastal Studios and the end product was exactly as expected. - Ian, Club Window Stickers 
    35. Yes, very happy with both the products and the service, thank you.- Dan, PVC Plaques & Vinyl Stickers