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PSE Stickers

As the official sticker supplier for Portable Sanitation Europe PSE we are pleased to offer the following discounted stock stickers.

Stickers are available in packs of 100 unless otherwise stated, or a multi-pack of 10 of each sticker type.

£29.93 per pack for PSE members. Free Delivery

(£35.60 per pack for non-members) All prices exclude VAT.

To order please call or email.

  • Not Drinking Water

Not Drinking Water

75mm x 65mm

  • Please flush before and after use

Please Flush before and after use

100mm x 100mm

  • Dispose of used paper towells in bin

Dispose of Used Paper Towels in Bin Please

100mm x 75mm

  • Gents


150mm x 75mm

  • Ladies


150mm x 75mm

  • Service Record

Service Record

150mm x 100mm

  • Provision for 7 persons

Provision For 7 Persons

150mm x 75mm

  • Provision for 7 persons

Disabled Toilet - (Pack of 10)

300mm x 100mm

  • Provision for 7 persons

Urinal - (Pack of 10)

300mm x 100mm

  • Only use Toilet Paper Provided

Only use Toilet Paper Provided

100mm x 100mm

  • Full range of PSE stickers

Mixture of standard PSE stickers

Excludes PSE08 & PSE09